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E PLUS Karaoke


Pain Points

  • Customer Traffic: Poor Website Experience, high Customer Churn Rate

  • Market Competition: Intense regional Competition, KTV Market gradually saturating

  • Brand Awareness: As a local entertainment venue, EPLUS has low visibility and awareness in the local area.



  • Keyword Advertising: Advertising targeting relevant keywords to increase visibility when potential customers search.

  • Geotargeting: Utilizing Google Ads' geotargeting feature to ensure ads are displayed only to users within EPLUS service area, thereby enhancing ad relevance and conversion rates.

  • Competitive Analysis: Enhancing ad landing page effectiveness through competitor analysis.



  • The ad exposure rate increased by 200%, with a significant rise in Google ad rankings.

  • The ad click-through rate increased by 340%.

  • The ad conversion rate increased by 600%.


EPLUS Karaoke, located in California, opted for the professional services of Modern Elements to enhance its Google advertising effectiveness. The Modern Elements team provided a series of optimization suggestions for its website landing pages, aimed at enhancing customer experience and increasing conversion rates. Through meticulous examination of EPLUS Karaoke's past advertising campaigns, the team promptly eliminated underperforming ad keywords, ensuring that every advertising budget was maximized. The implementation of these strategies significantly boosted the efficiency of EPLUS Karaoke's advertising, resulting in higher returns on investment and strengthening its position in the competitive market.


Competitor Analysis: Understanding Consumer Preferences

In the Google Ads system, understanding competitors' actions is crucial as ad bidding often involves direct confrontation with competitors. The Modern Elements team, through analyzing competitors targeting the same user areas and keywords, not only identified ad keywords and messaging direction but also designed multiple ad formats for EPLUS Karaoke, enhancing the attractiveness and competitiveness of the ads.


Advertising Effect

  • Impressions, clicks, and conversions have all significantly increased.

  • ​Visitor traffic has increased by 200%.

  • Website experience has been optimized.

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