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Market Promotion

Multi-channel professional online marketing solutions!

Social Media Promotion

Content Creation

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Modern Elements tailors original content, including text, images, videos, and audio, to match the client's brand positioning, target market, and competitive advantages. This content is crafted to align with social media styles and user preferences, effectively capturing and retaining user attention.

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Content Release

Based on the client's industry characteristics, the rules of social media platforms, the active time of users, etc., Modern Element develops a reasonable content publishing plan for the client, regularly updates and maintains the client's social media accounts, and maintains the client's social media activity.


Content Analysis

Modern Element collects and monitors clients' social media data, including users' retweets, comments, likes, etc. by using analytics tools of social media platforms to evaluate clients' social media performance and provide optimization suggestions and improvement solutions.

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Content Interaction

Modern Element builds customers' social media word-of-mouth and increases their social media loyalty by effectively communicating and interacting with users on social media platforms, responding to their comments, answering their questions, and collecting their feedback.


Content Optimization


Modern Elements strategically plans, writes, and layouts elements such as website titles, descriptions, keywords, content, images, and links, aligning the website content with search engine algorithms and user needs. This enhances the website's relevance and authority.

Technical Optimization

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Modern Elements enhances website stability and credibility by optimizing aspects such as structure, code, speed, security, compatibility, and user-friendliness. This improves website crawlability, indexing, display, and overall user experience.


External Optimization

Modern Elements increases website visibility and reputation by disseminating links, information, and content on other platforms or websites. This strategy drives more traffic and resources to the website, enhancing its credibility and influence.


Data Analysis

Modern Elements utilizes various data analysis tools to gather and analyze website traffic, rankings, conversions, and revenue data. This evaluation helps assess the SEO effectiveness and value of the website, providing insights and guidance for optimization and decision-making.

Advertising Placement

Platform Selection


Modern Elements selects appropriate advertising platforms, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, based on the client's product or service features, target market, competitors, budget, and other factors. This approach aims to maximize advertising coverage and effectiveness.

Strategy Development


Modern Elements develops effective advertising strategies tailored to the client's advertising objectives, such as brand promotion, traffic generation, and sales conversion. This includes determining the appropriate advertising format, content, timing, and bidding strategy to achieve the optimal return on advertising investment.


Executive Management

Modern Elements is responsible for executing and managing advertising placements for clients. This includes creating and uploading advertising materials, setting up and maintaining advertising accounts, monitoring and adjusting ad placements, controlling and settling advertising costs, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of advertisements.

Evaluation Optimization


Modern Elements utilizes various advertising analytics tools to collect and analyze client advertising data, including metrics such as ad impressions, clicks, conversions, etc. This evaluation helps assess the effectiveness and value of client advertisements, providing optimization recommendations and improvement strategies.

Website Design

Website Planning


Modern Elements devises feasible and effective website construction plans tailored to the client's needs and goals. This encompasses aspects such as website positioning, functionality, structure, content, style, and technology, ensuring the viability and efficacy of the website.

Web Design


Modern Elements designs and develops visually appealing, user-friendly, secure, and efficient website interfaces for clients based on their brand image and website planning. This showcases the client's products and services, enhancing website experience and satisfaction.

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External Optimization

Modern Elements enhances website visibility and prominence by disseminating website links, information, and content on other platforms or websites. This strategy guides more traffic and resources to the website, boosting its credibility and influence.

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Data Analysis

Modern Elements employs various data analysis tools to gather and analyze data on website traffic, rankings, conversions, revenue, and more. This data serves as the basis for optimizing the website and making informed decisions.

Establishing Brand Image


Brand Visualization

The Modern Elements team is dedicated to creating visual elements that align with the brand philosophy, including logos, color schemes, and font designs, ensuring the brand's uniqueness and recognition in the market.


WOM Management

Modern Elements assists clients in managing user evaluations and feedback about their brand. By actively responding to user comments, resolving issues, and disseminating positive information, Modern Elements helps clients establish a favorable reputation.


Crisis Management

The Modern Elements team is prepared to address potential crisis situations, ensuring the brand can effectively respond to adverse events and maintain its reputation.


User Experience Design

We provide user interface and experience design services to ensure that the brand's digital assets, such as websites and applications, are not only visually appealing but also user-friendly, enhancing user satisfaction.

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